“Your attention please: No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.”

What sort of opportunity are you waiting for? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right person to walk into your life, or for the right job opportunity to pop up, or for the weather to get better so you can go for a run outside.

Perhaps you’re waiting for your boss to finally promote you.

The common theme here is, you’re waiting for someone else to make a decision that allows you to thrive. Here’s a newsflash that might sting a little bit:

Nobody is coming to save you.

Nobody who has ever achieved greatness or accomplished their goals did it by waiting around for someone to come take the first step for them. They took risks, attempted new things, took shots out of their own league. As a result, they failed.

They failed, but then they learned from their mistakes. They didn’t pity themselves or lay on the ground waiting for someone to come by and pick them up. They got up with their own strength and made the necessary adjustments to make it further next time.

Nobody was coming to save them.

The truth is that people enjoy helping those who are helping themselves. You’ll quickly find that your own efforts and momentum are noticed by the very people who you wish you could ask for help in the first place. Only, you won’t have to, because you’ll already be putting in the work and they’ll notice you.

But expecting to be saved, to be carried up the stairs, to be able to put your signature on someone else’s work…that’s not how greatness happens.

And if you do catch a break where you’re carried to the top of the mountain, you still need to stay there.

Developing the skills, the mindset, and the connections in order to make magic happen in your life are what transform you into the person who is actually capable of achieving your goals. That is the key – not what you must do, but WHO you must become.

Internal growth and change is not something anyone else can do for you. Developing self-worth and confidence is a challenge because of the “self” part. That is also what makes it so rewarding.

The moment you begin to take real, consistent action, is the moment you’ll notice the universe beginning to send you signals and opening doors for you. First, though, you need to show up.

This isn’t about positive thought or wishful thinking. This is about real, focused, direct action that shows you’re ready to take responsibility for your own results.

Life is an ocean of opportunities, and exploring it means leaving your fears at the shore.